4 out of 5 Sharks from SHARK TANK LOVED LOVED LOVED this concept! Think like a Shark ~ use an Original Blow-Out for everyone's birthday!

The Original Blow-Out is an air filter, clinically proven to prevent the spread of 99.78% of spit, bacteria & viruses including measles, flu & coronavirus being sprayed on and around a birthday cake when one blows out their candles. Made in the USA.

Reduce germs by 99.78% with The Original Blow-Out!

An easy to use Patented Air filter

How To Blow-Out!

A fun, easy way to keep your treats germ free!

The Original Blow-Out Kids!

No germs on our cake!

The Original Blow-Out

Fun for ages 5 to 105!

Francine Coughlin, Creator

My name is Francine. I am married and a mother of two boys and a chocolate lab named Coco.  It seems the older I get, a lot more things truly bother me. One pet peeve of mine is the long-time tradition of spitting, excuse me, blowing out our own birthday candles and spewing spit and germs all over the top and sides of the cake, including the stack of plates and nearby forks! That is one of the super gross things we do without thinking. I then have to scrape the frosting off plus part of the top of the cake and hope no one notices me doing it.

October, 2016, I woke up one day and I began brainstorming, wondering if the tip I use for decorating cakes would work blowing out candles. I rolled countless paper blowers, different sizes and widths. I felt like a scientist, making many, many notes as to what worked and what didn’t. It progressed into trying to figure out what would catch and stop germs from flying all over the place and my mind immediately went to the surgical masks that doctors wear while operating. It was very important to me to find media that was made in the USA, but I finally succeeded! You see, I really did find the needle in the haystack, and that’s how The Original Blow-Out was created. I saw the problem, and I created the solution, The Original Blow-Out.

The final clinical testings resulted in a 99.78% germ free rating for both bacteria and virus, of which I am so very proud of!


"A Brilliant Idea !!!....Celebrate with Candles and a Cake but keep your germs to yourself.  With 45 years experience in the restaurant business I would have always offered these to my guests had they been available... Brilliant !!!.”   

Chef/Owner Dave

“I love The Original BLOW-OUT!  Blowing out candles on a cake is a very much loved tradition but I strongly disliked the cake being “sprayed” with germs or drool.  I’m a huge fan because The Original BLOW-OUT solves the problem!  This extraordinary device makes our celebrations so sanitary."

Deb, Mother of 3

"One of the most innovative inventions of our time! We use The Original Blow-Out at every event"

Karen, Event Planner

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